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Piper Camshafts for PS15

Piper Camshafts for PS15

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Suzuki SUZUKI GSX R1000

Application: Race
Camshaft Code: PS15
Duration Inlet: 250° At 1mm
Duration Exhaust: 230° At 1mm
Valve Inlet Lift: .342" 8.68mm
Valve Exhaust Lift: .302" 7.67mm
Timing Inlet: 20-50
Timing Exhaust: 40-10
Full Inlet Lift: 105°
Full Exhaust Lift: 105°
TDC Inlet Lift: .115" 2.92mm
TDC Exhaust Lift: .075" 1.90mm
Valve Inlet Clearance: .008" / 0.20mm
Valve Exhaust Clearance: .010" / .25mm
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product Type: Camshaft
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