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BC Racing ASP Adjustable Lowering Springs for BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 (5-BOLT TOP MOUNT)

BC Racing ASP Adjustable Lowering Springs for BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 (5-BOLT TOP MOUNT)

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Specially designed for vehicles equipped with electronic damping systems. Our ASP spring kits allow users to easily replace their stock springs with adjustable spring perches and lowering springs. The kits allow ride height to be custom set using the provided adjustable spring platform while retaining the use of the OEM adjustable electronic damping systems.

The spring lengths and rates are designed to work in harmony within the OEM dampers travel and damping range. This approach results in a package that enhances handling, provides superior driver feedback and maintains the original OEM ride quality. Furthermore, since these components directly replace the OEM items, there will be no malfunction or error messages displayed on the vehicle's dashboard.

No Top Mounts - 131BW001N1
With Camber Top Mounts - 131BW001C2


Some ASP kits have the option of camber adjustable pillowball top mounts. Please be aware that whilst the direct connection to the chassis of pillowball (rather than rubber or OEM) mounts improves steering response, feel and feedback, they can sometimes transit noise through to the cabin.

We are very careful to avoid this issue with the BC Racing default specification coilover kits by supplying the kits with rubber or OEM top mounts on known noisy applications. We do NOT treat such noises as a problem should an ASP kit be ordered with pillowball camber adjustable top mounts.

You should be made aware of, and accept, that ASP kits with camber adjustable pillowball top mounts may transmit noise and that as such we recommend them for track use only, not road.

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