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Airtec Motorsport

Airtec Motorsport Two-Piece Breather System for Focus Mk2 ST & RS

Airtec Motorsport Two-Piece Breather System for Focus Mk2 ST & RS

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Tuning levels on the Focus RS & ST have pushed the standard Ford oil filter housing to its limit, with the fragile diaphragm inside these housings splitting or leaking due to the clip on design, an upgraded breather system is required, the AIRTEC Motorsport two-piece breather kit ticks all the boxes and more…

The AIRTEC Motorsport two-piece breather kit includes the following:

1 x Modified & Baffled Ford oil filter housing, includes new oil filter element and oil seals for no fuss fitting
1 x AIRTEC Motorsport oil separator with billet mounting block and laser cut fitting washer that also doubles up as a template when drilling to attach separator to battery tray
Pro Hoses oil resistant fluoro silicone lined hoses, custom made to fit your engine bay, far superior fitting than straight hoses. Complete with full stainless steel jubilee clips, very minor trimming of hoses may be required.
Exchange – We require your old oil filter housing before sending 2 piece breather kit. Once purchased, a kit will be allocated for you, when we have received your old ford oil filter housing we can send your new 2 piece AS breather kit.

Outright – You will receive full kit & if you wish to return your old oil filter housing we will refund you the surcharge. This is good for international customers that can’t send their old unit back & customers that wish to fit first and then return after installation

Please note; our kit is designed to allow the engine to breathe better by venting fumes to atmosphere, whereas the engine’s original breather system limits the fumes by recirculating them back into the engine’s intake to consume.

However, allowing the engine to increase its breathing capacity can bring to light previously unforeseen issues that usually indicate engine wear or general ill health that had before been masked by the original breather system’s limitations.

We have sold 100s of these kits over the years, but as these cars get older we must highlight the importance of ensuring they are in excellent health and running order, as from time-to-time a customer will report experiencing a noticeable increase in fumes and or/smoke after fitting a breather kit.

AIRTEC part no: ATMSFO16
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