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Airtec Motorsport Turbo Elbow Induction Hose for Hyundai i20 N Stock Airbox ATMSHYU18

Airtec Motorsport Turbo Elbow Induction Hose for Hyundai i20 N Stock Airbox ATMSHYU18

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As part of our expanding Hyundai product range, AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch our enlarged turbo inlet elbow upgrade for the i20N, suitable for track or fast road use.

A direct replacement part that offers increases in performance and response, the enlarged turbo inlet elbow features a freer-flowing design with an increased internal diameter.

How it works
The original elbow begins at 43mm from the turbo inlet and gradually tapers up to just 53mm in diameter as it reaches the induction pipe work. This causes an unnecessary restriction within the intake side that hampers flow and limits throttle response.

Our AIRTEC Motorsport direct replacement cast aluminium elbow gently tapers from the turbo inlet out to a huge 76mm diameter, an increase of over 50% compared to the original and an increase of 106% in cross-sectional area. This increased volume and improved design works to reduce restriction and improve flow to the turbo.

The kit also comes with a 76mm silicone hose ensuring the diameter is maintained all the way to the air box, and includes all fixtures and fittings, as well as detailed instructions.

Finished in powder coated black with a AIRTEC Motorsport cast logo, this uprated elbow upgrade offers a great benefit for modified i20N owners.


  • 50% increase in inlet diameter
  • 106% increase in cross-sectional area
  • Larger, freer-flowing design
  • Improves air flow to the turbo
  • Increases throttle response
  • Direct replacement fitment
  • Made from cast aluminium
  • High-quality powder coat black finish
  • Includes all fixtures and a detailed fitting guide


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