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Airtec Motorsport

Airtec Motorsport Turbo Elbow for EA888 Gen 4 (300-320Ps)

Airtec Motorsport Turbo Elbow for EA888 Gen 4 (300-320Ps)

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As part of our expanding VAG product range, AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch our enlarged turbo inlet elbow upgrade for the MQB Evo engine (300-320ps), suitable for track or fast road use.

A direct replacement part that offers increases in performance and response, the enlarged turbo inlet elbow features a freer-flowing design with an increased internal diameter.

How it works
The original elbow features a constant 80mm diameter throughout, which limits flow and capacity. Our AIRTEC Motorsport direct replacement kit features a cast aluminium elbow and Pro Hoses silicone hose with a larger 90mm diameter throughout, until it tapers down to meet the 80mm air box, which offers a 27% increase in cross sectional area. The increased volume and improved design works to reduce restriction and improve flow to the turbo, providing an increase in throttle response.

The elbow upgrade includes all fixtures and fittings, as well as detailed instructions.

OEM Turbo Elbow:
Diameter: 80mm
Cross sectional area: 5,027mm²

AIRTEC Motorsport Turbo Elbow:
Diameter: 90mm
Cross sectional area: 6,362mm²

Audi S3 8Y – 2020 onwards
Cupra Leon Mk4 300 TSI FW – 2020 onwards
Cupra Formentor 310PS – 2020 onwards
VW Arteon R 2.0 TSI 320ps – 2020 onwards
VW Golf Mk 8 GTI Clubsport – 2020 onwards
VW Golf Mk8 R – 2020 onwards
VW Tiguan II R 2.0 TSI 320ps – 2020 onwards


27% increase in cross sectional area
Smoother, freer-flowing design
Improves airflow to the turbo
Increases throttle response
Direct replacement fitment
Includes all fixtures and fittings
Features detailed fitting guide

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