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Airtec Motorsport Turbo Elbow for Audi RS3 8V Mk3, 8Y Mk3, TTRS 8S Mk3 RHD ATMSVAG14

Airtec Motorsport Turbo Elbow for Audi RS3 8V Mk3, 8Y Mk3, TTRS 8S Mk3 RHD ATMSVAG14

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As part of our expanding Audi product range, AIRTEC Motorsport are proud to launch our cast turbo elbow for the RS3 8V kit for fast road or track use.

The bottle neck of the 2.5 TFSI engine is the turbo elbow, which reduces down in diameter massively as it passes down behind the engine to the turbo. Our approach to improving this focused on making the very most of the available space and as a result, our in-house design engineer team were able to create an elbow design that is unrivalled on the market for it’s increase in diameter and improvement in flow.

Featuring a 4″/102mm inlet, the elbow gently tapers down with no aggressive step to ensure optimum flow from start to finish with a substantially increased volume over standard. 

As a result, the AIRTEC Motorsport enlarged elbow measures a huge 8,171mm² at its widest cross-sectional measurement, compared to the original pipe’s 5,026mm² at its widest point, therefore offering a huge increase of 62.5%. On average, it’s 30% larger internally compared to the standard elbow, offering a huge increase in capacity.  This improves throttle response and reduces restriction, which is key for those chasing increased power from their cars. 

A direct replacement part, the elbow is made from high-quality cast aluminium and has been designed to work with other our own AIRTEC Motorsport induction it (similar sized induction kits should also fit). To fit the right-hand drive models, an indentation has been introduced to allow clearance for the brake master cylinder.

The elbow comes with detailed fitting instructions and is designed to work with both standard turbos and various types of hybrid turbos, thanks to a range of machined flanges (62.8mm and 65.7mm) that come with the kit. The comprehensive package also includes a Pro Hoses replacement silicone breather hose and vacuum line, a new O-ring and all fixtures and fittings required for installation.

Finished in powder coated black with a AIRTEC Motorsport cast logo, these uprated elbows offer a great benefit for modified RS3 8V owners.

Will also fit Audi TTRS (8S) and RS3 (8V and 8Y) 2017 onwards.

Huge 62.5% increase in internal capacity 
30% larger internally on average compared to original 
Smooth angle design to improve flow
Improves throttle response and reduces restriction
High-quality cast aluminium construction
Works with both standard turbos and various hybrid turbos
Available for both Left-Hand and Right-Hand Drive
Powder coat black finish
Direct replacement part 
Comprehensive fitting guide included


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