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Airtec Motorsport

Airtec Motorsport Stage 3+ Induction Kit for Focus RS Mk3

Airtec Motorsport Stage 3+ Induction Kit for Focus RS Mk3

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Developed and manufactured at AIRTEC HQ in the UK, we’re proud to launch the most comprehensive and least restrictive induction kit available on the market for the Mk3 Focus RS models. It’s suited to modified cars of all specifications, from mild to wild, and aimed at both track and fast road use.

The kit has been subject to a lengthy development and testing period in order to ensure it offers the highest levels of unrestricted air flow without compromise. As a result, the Stage 3+ kit features a huge AIRTEC Motorsport cone filter with a 102mm (4-inch) diameter trumpet that flows into 90mm (3.5-inch) diameter pipework to ensure there is minimal restriction.

To further enhance this, the pipework takes the simplest and shortest path across the engine, and features only shallow bends to ensure flow remains as constant as possible.

In order to allow clearance with the vastly increased pipework, a replacement engine cover is included as part of the comprehensive induction kit package, as is a deflector to help channel cool air towards the filter.

As a result, this kit offers the ultimate in improved induction flow that’s above and beyond the ordinary kits found elsewhere on the market.

Please note: Not confirmed to fit pre-facelift ST


Huge cone filter
102mm trumpet
90mm pipework
Replacement engine cover
Air deflector shield
Silicone hose joiners
All fixtures and fittings
Registered Design Right numbers: 6154870/6154871/6154872

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