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Airtec Motorsport Oil Cooler Kit for Fiesta ST Mk8

Airtec Motorsport Oil Cooler Kit for Fiesta ST Mk8

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As part of our expanding Mk8 Fiesta platform product range, AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch our oil cooler kit for the ST model.

Developed in-house at AIRTEC HQ in the UK, we’ve created a comprehensive solution to improving the car’s oil cooling ability for modified Mk8 ST owners who struggle to maintain steady oil temperatures on track, or during fast road use.

With vast experience in developing uprated oil cooler packages for a variety of modified track and road cars, the challenge with this kit was to integrate a large capacity, external oil cooler neatly behind the front bumper. However, the Mk8 Fiesta has very limited available space directly behind the open grille area, which meant we developed an innovative solution that mounts the oil cooler in front of the right-hand side arch liner and is fed a constant flow of cool air by an air feed duct that’s included in the kit.

The package also includes a AIRTEC Motorsport oil cooler, bespoke laser-cut and powder coated AIRTEC brackets, high quality braided hose lines with Aerotec fittings, a thermostat-controlled sandwich plate and all fixtures and fittings, including instructions, for a simple bolt-on installation. The kit is designed to integrate seamlessly with the car’s existing features and requires no drilling or cutting, so is completely reversible if need be.

Its improved cooling efficiency and easy fitment makes it an essential modification for all modified Mk8 ST models.


Comprehensive kit designed specially for the Mk8 Fiesta ST platform
Reduces temperatures on track and road
Designed and developed in the UK
No cutting or drilling required to fit
Proven AIRTEC large capacity external oil cooler
Bespoke laser-cut and powder coated brackets
High-quality hoses and fittings
Includes all fixtures and detailed instructions

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