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Airtec Motorsport

Airtec Motorsport Kia STinger GT Turbo Intake Hoses

Airtec Motorsport Kia STinger GT Turbo Intake Hoses

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As part of our expanding Kia product range, AIRTEC Motorsport are proud to launch our Stinger GT turbo hose kit for track or fast road use.

Developed in-house at AIRTEC HQ in the UK, these replace the original intake hoses that go from the air boxes to the turbos. Made from high-quality silicone the improved design offers increased capacity as well as smoother internal flow and can work with either the original air boxes or our AIRTEC Motorsport induction kit.

The result is improved throttle response, heightened induction noise and a more pleasing look to the engine bay.

Available in black only and complete with jubilee clips, these are direct replacement pipes that require no additional drilling or cutting to fit, and come complete with all the correct fittings, as well as detailed instructions.


Comprehensive intake kit designed specially for the Kia Stinger GT platform
High-quality Pro Hoses silicone pipework with improved internal flow
Fits with either standard air boxes or AIRTEC Motorsport intake kit
Improved soundtrack and under bonnet aesthetics
Includes all fixtures and fittings

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