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Airtec Motorsport Enlarged Coldside Charge Pipe Kit for Audi RS3 8V Mk3 ATMSVAG18

Airtec Motorsport Enlarged Coldside Charge Pipe Kit for Audi RS3 8V Mk3 ATMSVAG18

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As part of our expanding Audi product range, AIRTEC Motorsport are proud to launch our enlarged cold side pipe kit for the RS3 8V kit for fast road or track use.

Designed to match our enlarged turbo elbow, our in-house design engineer team have created an enlarged pipework kit to replace the entire cold side, from the intercooler all the way to the throttle body.

From the intercooler, our high-quality Pro Hoses silicone boost hose tapers up from 70mm to maintain 80mm all the way to the elbow, which equates to a 23% increase in comparison to the original pipework. Our AIRTEC Motorsport replacement cast aluminium elbow is nearly 10% bigger than standard and measures 85mm at its widest point, offering a significant improvement in flow and internal capacity. This improves throttle response and reduces restriction, which is key for those chasing increased power from their cars.

A direct replacement, the kit also features a CNC-machined throttle spacer that incorporates a meth port, if required.  

The kit comes with detailed fitting instructions and the comprehensive package also includes replacement Pro Hoses boost hoses, a new O-ring and all fixtures and fittings required for installation.

Finished in powder coated black with a AIRTEC Motorsport cast logo, this uprated cold side kit offers a great benefit for modified RS3 8V owners.

Up to 23% increase in internal capacity 
Meth port incorporated into machined spacer
High-quality cast aluminium construction
Pro Hoses silicone connectors
Powder coat black finish
Direct replacement part 
Comprehensive fitting guide included



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