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Airtec Motorsport Big Boost Pipe Kit for BMW B58

Airtec Motorsport Big Boost Pipe Kit for BMW B58

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As part of our expanding BMW product range, AIRTEC Motorsport are proud to launch our cold side boost pipe kit for track or fast road use.

In original form, due to the thin plastic construction these pipes are known to split or fracture even at standard levels of boost and when pressure is increased with a remap they are more prone to failure.

Our direct replacement pipes are made from high quality aluminium that can withstand any increase in boost pressure and also feature a larger internal diameter for improved capacity and flow.

The pipework also features a 1/8 NPT meth injection port and a CNC-machined flange on one that retains the original O-ring and spring clip, whilst the other end features a machined flange that bolts to to the existing part to ensure perfect fitment.

The comprehensive fitting kit includes a Pro Hoses silicone connector, all fixings and fittings, and jubilee clips, as well as detailed installation instructions.

Finished in powder coated black with a AIRTEC Motorsport printed logo, these uprated pipes offer a great benefit for modified B58 engine owners.


2015 to 2019 – F20/F21 – M140i
2015 to 2019 – F22/F23 – M240i
2014 to 2019 – F30/F31/F36 – 340i
2014 to 2019 – F32/F33 – 440i
2015 to 2019 – G30/G31 – 540i
2016 to 2019 – G32 – 640i
2016 to 2019 – G11/G12 – 740i
2016 to 2019 – G01 – X3 M40i
2016 to 2019 – G02 – X4 M40i


Direct replacement fitment
High quality aluminium construction
Enlarged diameter for improved flow
Powder coated black finish
CNC-machined connector
1/8 NPT meth injection port
Includes all fixtures and fittings
Detailed fitting guide

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