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Airtec Motorsport

Airtec Charge Pipe Kit for BMW M2 Comp M3 F80 M4 F82 S55 ATMSBMW1

Airtec Charge Pipe Kit for BMW M2 Comp M3 F80 M4 F82 S55 ATMSBMW1

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With improved flow and increased strength over the original plastic items, our charge pipes link the turbos to the charge cooler and are suited to modified BMW M3, M4 and M2 Competition models for track or fast road use.

The pipes have been designed to improve the overall internal dimeter and flow of the original OEM pipes, which flatten considerably where they pass over the top of the engine. The original OEM pipes are also made from a lightweight plastic, and with the increased boost pressures associated with a remap or hybrid turbos, the plastic seams can split and form a hairline crack. This is often invisible to the eye, but it’s an issue that will affect the engine’s performance and the turbos’ longevity.

The AIRTEC Motorsport replacement pipes are constructed from alloy, so they will not fail with higher boost pressures and maintain a 57mm internal dimeter from the start to finish. Both pipes also feature a 1/8NPT port fitting suitable for a methanol injection set up, and the exterior of the pipes are finished in a subtle black powder coat.

The kit features two silicone joiners as well as two CNC-machined connectors to house the original BMW O-rings, with adapters for the replacement fixtures and fittings that come as part of the kit. Fitting takes around 2 hours and the original engine cover can still be fitted in place, but for a perfect fit, we recommend enlarging the apertures slightly, which can be done neatly in order to retain the original look.

Fits the following models:

•F87 M2 Competition – (From 10/2016)

•F80 M3 – (From 04/2012)

•F82/3 M4 – (From 02/2013)

Key features:

•Improved flow with a consistent, larger dimeter

•Alloy construction for increased strength

•Precision engineered CNC connectors to house original O-rings

•Comes complete with all fixtures and fittings

•Finished in a high-quality black powder coat

Registered Design Right number:

AIRTEC part number: ATMSBMW1

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